Track and monitor equipment, vehicles, and staff with PerimeterWare RFID tags and see it all in real time anywhere, from any device.

PerimeterWare is the next generation of RFID badging and tracking utilizing proprietary software and componentry for unrivaled security.

The PerimeterWare software and network platform is dynamic, secure, modular, and scalable. The resulting information can be securely accessed remotely. PerimeterWare provides technical products and services to operate security at the highest level, including full accountability of any person, asset or vehicle while inside an airport’s footprint.

PerimeterWare’s technical strength is a high-value attribute to airport security performance. All posts of entry and exits, along with all roads within airport grounds, are configured for coverage by PerimeterWare. The PerimeterWare system design is based on generations of DoD-commissioned RFID tracking.

Secure Aviation’s PerimeterWare Redundant Radio Localization Tracking System (RRLT) provides right-here, right-now asset visibility in any variety of spaces, including complex, cluttered, and metal-heavy environments. With PerimeterWare FCC certified solution our mesh-networks can cover any layout indoors or out of virtually any size, shape, or configuration.  PerimeterWare precisely identifies, locates, and tracks any person, asset or vehicle within the mesh that is equipped with an active badge or tag.

Secure Aviation’s RRLT solution provides the most affordable and accurate coordinate-based positioning on the market today, locating within inches. While beacon systems provide relative positioning (near, medium, far), Secure Aviation’s PerimeterWare accurately identifies the specific location of any tagged asset inside Secure Aviation’s stand-alone Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) mesh.

Next generation of ID badging and tracking for unmatched accountability and security; designed with fully modular, versatile, and scalable coverage with remote access.

State-of-the-art RFID (radio frequency identification system) developed originally for DoD over 10 years ago, as a hybrid system of RFID chips and micro dot bar codes.


tag reader antennae

access control sensors

proprietary software

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CAP: Capital Asset Performer
  • Reduces 15-35% Integration costs
  • Real World: US Navy, USAF
PerimeterWare Tracking Systems
  • Real-Time Location Tracking
  • Government & Public Sectors
  • Surveillance Integration
Customized Central Suites
  • Utilization and other Business Intel. Software
  • Historic Breadcrumb Database Archival